Wishes, in the Otherfaith, are prayers made to a god in the form of, "I wish for..." statements. In the Otherfaith, the Ophelia is the god that grants wishes, though the Clarene has a muted ability to do this as well. One of the Ophelia's epithets is 'the Wishmaker' for this reason.

As in many fairy tales, wishes often backfire on those who make them. This can happen in a variety of ways. At times the Ophelia is directly responsible for the backfiring of a wish; other times, the destructive or horrific power a wish unleashes is seen as an inescapable part of her power.


Animal Transformation

Some wishes, often made on behalf of another spirit, result in the one wished upon being turned into an animal. Althea Altair, for example, is turned into a unicorn when her twin-lover Lilibell wishes for her to be free from her service to the Laetha. Miriam is also turned into a unicorn when she wishes for her sorrow and pain to be stripped from her.

Occasionally, the animal transformation is reversible, though it usually leaves a mark upon the one transformed.


A loop is the most common result when someone wishes to change or 'go back' in time. the Ophelia, fulfilling the wish, restarts the wisher's life - endlessly. Even when the wish is fulfilled, loops continue, almost impossible to break without outside interference from the other Four Gods. Loops are considered one of the more horrific outcomes of a wish, as spirits end up trapped eternally in constant rewinds and reinterpretations of the life that began the loop, while also being one of the most common ones to occur.

The Verzsou Triad is a notable group of spirits caught in a loop, due to Casimir wishing to 'save' both Aster Aira and Neve Winter from their fate.

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