"Twins" or "twin spirits" in the Otherfaith refers to a variety of phenomena.

  • two spirits born from the same parent(s) at the same time
  • two spirits born from different parent(s) at the same time
  • a spirit created simultaneously at the same time another is born or created

The rarest of these are twins born from the same parents. Most commonly, 'twins' in the Otherfaith refers to two spirits born from different parents at the same time. These spirits are seen as intimately entangled with each other, for better or worse. Most of the time, one twin is born into one Court and the other into the adjacent Court.

Most twin spirits are Red/White Court twins.

Red/White Twins

Althea and Lilibell are a notable example of Red/White Court twins, and they may be the spirits that created the trend of twins across the two Courts.

Spirits born into Red Court often have a twin that is born into White Court, with about a 50/50 chance of the 'twin' occurring. It is less likely to occur for those being born into White Court.

Named Twins

Aletheia and Odile

Every Aletheia has an Odilecreated as its 'sister' or twin android. The Odileline of androids was originally created to balance out the Aletheias, who had a high tendency to break down into violent outbursts or otherwise malfunction. An Odileis not produced until an Aletheia is made, but as soon as an Aletheia is put online the Odilewill boot up. These twins have a notably hostile relationship.

Althea Altair and Lilibell

Anné Marie and Marie Anné

Arrise and Azure

Main Articles: Arrise & Azure

The adult forms of Ava and Alma. Azure is created alongside Arrise after Ava spits Arrise out (due to Ava refusing to grow up). The two pilot the robot form of the Firebird and are both hot-headed jocks.

Ava and Alma

Baryl and Beryl

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