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  • Need Pagan page created; include definition of paganism. Ideally page will explore Pagan community and why the Otherfaith does/does not fall under Pagan label.
  • Need Other People page created; include laity, clergy, and mystic definition. Eventually needs discussion on dedication & initiations.
  • Need History page. Origins of Otherfaith, changes in faith and gods, current situation of faith and year (we're going into our fifth in 2015). ((Aine comment: holy crap we're a year younger than my baby bro.)) (I figured the History FAQs page works for now, so this is off the list ~Aine 03:00, January 21, 2015 (UTC))
  • Need Ethics page. This needs to include a discussion of ethics and the many strands of ethical thought that blend together in the Otherfaith.
  • Need Animism page. Can just include brief description at this time.
  • All gods pages need more information added. This means personality, appearance, etc. Including quotes from myths would be great too.


  • Adding spirit pages from our list of spirits is needed. Spirits still needing to be added include:
    • Amranwen (Amranwen is an Aletheia but I have no idea what her # is -Aine) (Does she need a separate page? -Sage)(Not yet, since we don't know that much about her ~Aine 06:29, January 20, 2015 (UTC))
    • Irene
    • Macy
    • Night Mare
    • Simal
  • We need posts in our forums, please contribute where you can think of topics. Any topic is a good one!

Sageling's To Do Suggestions

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