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The Wintertime (also called The Winterlands) are a part of the Otherfaith otherworld located beneath the majority of the West. It a world blanketed in snow, with occasional frozen lakes and small cabins dotting the landscape. It can be considered a realm in which journeyers go to confront themselves and do internal cleansing work, and it is also a world that teaches lessons relating to the Clarene and Ophelia, especially the lesson about anthropophagy ('eating human flesh').

Those who enter the Wintertime are forced to hunt others in the landscape if they want to survive, also being hunted themselves. Death in the Wintertime simply kicks a soul back to the upper world of the West. The original inhabitant of the Wintertime was the Dierne who built a cabin while being trapped in the wintery world, later joined by the Laetha who was able to pull the two back to the upper worlds.

Neve Winter spends a deal of time in the Wintertime being cared for by Abel Blake. She may get the second half of her name from being in the Wintertime.

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