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The Library is part of the West's sacred geography, holy to the Clarene[1] and associated with spirits such as the Book Keepers and Epiphany[2]. In at least one myth the Clarene punishes a human who attempts to steal a book from the Library.[3]

There are many libraries spread throughout the West, especially in the Cities. These are curated by the Book Keepers and are frequented by Arabella and some of the Aletheias. Just as all Cities in the West are considered part of The City, so are all libraries part of The Library.

Those who journey to the West may visit libraries to gain knowledge, though translating and reading while journeying can prove to be difficult, and due to the magical nature of the books within knowledge may be less intellectual and instead involve intuition or instigating life experiences. Books in the library are also considered to have their own energies and sometimes consciousnesses which can interact with other spirits or journeyers.


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