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The Kitchen is a place in the Other People's otherworld landscape belonging to the Clarene. It is a both a place of joyous gathering and community and a place of violent death and bloodshed.

In the Clarene's role as a provider and tea brewer, the Kitchen has a table full of fruits and breads and cheeses, cooked meats, sausages, bubbling stews, hanging herbs and seasonings, and she teaches the arts of cooking and sewing in her home. In her role as Mother Slaughter and Sunderer of Limbs, her home becomes a butcher's workplace, full of a myriad of bodies and meats (including human). In that form her worktable also sometimes becomes a surgeon's table.

Any kitchen can be connected to The Kitchen of the Other People, though it is suggested that the People only reach out to connect to the communal aspect of the holy kitchen rather than the bloodier one.

The Kitchen is where all Aletheias are created, and it is likely part of the Vivant initiations. Asier is fitted with his spinal brace in the Kitchen as well. the Clarene also cooks up a variety of spells in her Kitchen. It is one of the few places untouched by Mircea during the star's hegemonic rule, as the Clarene holds too much power over the area. It is also where the gods plot their rebellion against Mircea, solidifying the Kitchen as a meeting place. It is likely the birth place of Ava and Alma from the Clarene's chest.[1]

The Kitchen seems to be the main place that the Clarene imparts her knowledge to those who journey to the otherworld.


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