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The Gate is part of the Other People's otherworld landscape. It is connected to the Clarene and guarded by her Mirror Lion. It divides the West from the rest of the fairy worlds and is said to mark where the West was first created.[1]

The Gate is associated with the Laetha as well, since Asier forces the Gate open after it is shut by Mircea. Some Laethas also impale themselves upon stakes from the Gate. The spear Noir is made from part of the Gate.

The Gate is made of black steel that grows like a plant, blossoming into flowers and encrusted with vines. It is said to be bordered by the Orchard, and those who enter the West through ill-gotten methods end up being killed and eaten by the trees therein. The Mirror Lion also consumes souls that stare into its mirror, though they are eventually reborn as Otherfaith spirits.





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