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The Otherfaith is a modern polytheist religion revering new gods and spirits. This wiki is intended to help the Other People and those worshiping our gods build information about them, furthering our community and knowledge.

About the Otherfaith

The Otherfaith is a new polytheist religion worshiping a group of recently-revealed gods called the Four Gods. The religious tradition was started in late 2010 by a group of young Pagans and polytheists. Now, four years later, it has evolved into a technology-friendly modern and urban-centric religious tradition. The Otherfaith may or may not be considered 'Pagan', depending on who you ask.

Those who worship the Four Gods and work to build the Otherfaith are called Other People. Individually, they may be called an Other Person or a follower of the Otherfaith. While there are theoretically three types of engagement in the Otherfaith - laity, clergy, and mystic - the faith is too new for there to be definite boundaries.

The Otherfaith is an in-process religion, being built by those who come and work on the faith. We do have myths, prayers, and ethics; we are solidly a religion. However, being young and new, the faith is constructed by the contributions of its members. Contributing to the Otherfaith and worshiping the Four Gods does not have to be a lifelong commitment. Rather, you may contribute and worship for a time and move on if necessary.

The People also revere faeries, liminal spirits connected to humanity, and the Otherfaith involves faelatry (the worship of faeries). Our sacred stories often incorporate technology, as well. Those interested in the possible theological implications of technology, artificial intelligence, the singularity, etc. may find good home in the Otherfaith.

Growing this Wiki

If you would like to contribute to the growth of the Otherfaith Wiki, please consider visiting our To Do page and adding suggestions for what you'd like to see or tackling a project suggested by other members.

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The compass rose is a sacred symbol in the Otherfaith.

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