The following is a list of spirits that members of the Otherfaith have encountered, imagined, or are mentioned briefly in myth without any further information yet discovered. The intention of this page is to raise awareness of less popular spirits and to boost our understanding of the denizens of the West. Anyone may add spirits to this page and anyone may in turn work with them to learn more about them and add to our collective knowledge.

Spirits with some context or story

  • Unknown Bookkeeper - this Bookkeeper develops a fascination with another spirit as their purview and becomes obsessed and stalkerish as they settle into their identity as Bookkeeper. The gods intervene and argue over the correct action to take as consent is holy in the West, but the Bookkeeper is meant to function a certain way and their identity has become an issue because another person is the focus of their special interest. The Clarene wants to take this Bookkeeper and bury them in the Garden. The Dierne wants to just blast them out of existence. Mallory shows up on behalf of the Ophelia and takes the Bookkeeper away to be cleansed in the River and reconditioned anew.
  • Unnamed members of Epiphany's retinue - in addition to Epiphia, Epiphany has a core retinue of at least 3-4 other spirits, some of whom may be Bookkeepers given special dispensation to leave the Library. Epiphany and her retinue are involved with an unpublished myth surrounding the Clarene leaving the West and Nevander showing up to herald the arrival of 8.

Spirits who are little more than an image or name at present

  • Taurus - a fat, brown woman with green hair who exudes love, temptation, seduction, healing, and care; some association with caves/living underground and hot springs?
  • Kiroe/Kiroway/Kirowe - just a name stuck in Sage's head for months. Three syllables. kee-roh-(w)ay
  • Eglantine - somehow connected to the Liathane
  • Lorelei - connection with water? [Averill gets the sense of ponds or lakes, but also a very clear glimpse of water lilies and lily pads.]
  • (The) Syme - connected with Nevander and his spiderlings? The name of the collective spiderlings?
  • Felician - pleasure, service, modesty
  • Zephyranthes/Zephyranthine
  • Vicia
  • Anthémis/Anathema
  • Tenebrae/Tenebris
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