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North-South is a section of the Otherfaith spirit world. It is also known as The Tesseract. In some stories it is created by the Firebird and Ophelia; in other stories it is unintentionally created by the Clarene. In all stories it starts as a self-contained bubble within the West. It later becomes part of the wider West where the majority of the Verzsou Triad's descendants live, and it is home to the Temple of the Fathers. The residents of North-South typically refer to the Four Gods as The Mothers.

The spirits in North-South normally stay away from those in the rest of the West, and they do not revere the Four Gods. They are not usually considered part of the Otherfaith with a few exceptions (such as the Verzsou Triad themselves and the spirit Mykla). Spirits in North-South are notable for their lengthy hair, ranging anywhere from five feet at the shortest to forty feet at the longest. They consider their hair a source of spiritual power and pride, and so cut hair is seen as offensive. This may imply their connections to the Laetha and Ophelia, who both have long hair symbolizing their divine power.

Temple of the Fathers

The Temple in North-South is where the spirits Aster Aira, Neve Winter, and Casimir are revered as the gods known as The Fathers. The spirit Abelia, a descendant of Aster, leads the Temple.

Mykla once lead the Temple as its head but has since stepped down, possibly due to hir interaction with the Four Gods. In many ways Mykla fills the same role for the Verzsou as the Dierne does for the Other People.

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