Category Greater Spirit
House Havoc†
Court Achroma†
Order Bedlam†
Group -
Epithets -
Relation to Humanity Predator†
Parentage -
Lovers -
Children Spiderkin
Siblings -
Rivals Clarene
Sacred weapons -
Practical Application
Domains -
Values -
Ethical Standpoint -
Social Issues
Offerings protecting arachnids
Holy Days

Nevander is a spirit working on behalf of the Liathane as herald and seneschal. Nevander is a more "human" face to the Liathane and can interact with spirits and Other People in a more familiar way than Eight's visceral terror and violence may allow.† He has sworn fealty to the Liathane and no other.† It is assumed, though not verified, that Nevander therefore resides in House Havoc and works in Achroma Court.

While Nevander can be violent, he employs many means to further 8's reach in the West including coercion, seduction, blackmail, and baiting. He is especially good at, and fond of, getting seemingly restrained spirits to lash out.†


Nevander has two known forms: a young human-bodied man, sharply dressed in business attire, and a horrific spider or spider/human "centaur" creature with a human face and torso with a spider's body.† One pop culture representation of Nevander is James Wesley from Daredevil. He is incredibly charming to the point of having a glamour about him, even when in his half spider form.†

Nevander's colors are black, white, and silver or gray. His known symbols are spiders and spiderwebs.†

Related Spirits

The most obvious relationship Nevander has is that with the Liathane. The exact nature of this is unknown - whether chosen or coerced, business or pleasure - but it is extremely intense from Nevander's perspective.  

His devotion to 8 is so strong that he despises acknowledging the other Four Gods at all, viewing them as largely inferior compared to his master. However, he delights in the Firebird and the dark violence the Laethelia is capable of. Like 8, he is extremely offended by the Clarene's apparent hypocrisy and her devotion to maintaining order and the status quo in the West.†  

In an unpublished myth, Nevander is first encountered by Epiphany and other spirits in an empty throne room while the Clarene is away from the West. He is there to clear the way for his god through any means necessary while Epiphany and her retinue combine forces to stop him.  

There may also be a connection between Nevander and Neve Winter due to their names. 

Nevander may have children of a sort; he may be surrounded by a swarm of spiders that may be organic or mechanical with the ability to manipulate the world when they work together. Individually they are as intelligent as a spider from Earth. They may be called Spiderlings or Spiderkin. 

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