This page is collect different mythic plots and such that have not yet been fully revealed or verified, or not yet written down.

The Battle Against the Usuper, or what's a demonic entity like you doing in an empty throneroom like this?

This is the Big, Giant Myth that Sage has been working on literally for years, before the Liathane was even fully known to the Other People. It shakes out to be an incredibly important event in the timeline of the West, similar to the Sundering of the West and the Firebird's destructive rampage. Narratively speaking, it's the point in the West's timeline where Eight reveals itself to the other gods. Here's the basic order of events as I understand them.

  1. The Laetha(s?) gets very, very sick.
  2. The Clarene cannot find a remedy even with the entire West working on it.
  3. The Clarene leaves to explore our world, where Arabella is from (specifically Appalachia) to find the cause of the Laetha's soul sickness there.
  4. The Clarene's throne lays empty.
  5. Epiphany and her retinue discover A Plot Against The West and go to warn the Clarene, but Nevander is there.
  6. As all this is going on, the Clarene is going through trials in our world with the help of being in the shape of a fox who is in fact a deity from this world but I'm keeping mum about Who exactly, other than the fact said deity is a trickster.
  7. Eight arrives with the intention of destroying the West. Since the Laetha is out for the count and many spirits are looking after the Laetha or trying to keep the West running without the Clarene, it's more of an invasion than a battle.
  8. The Clarene returns after finding what she was looking for in our world and does battle with Eight with the restored Laetha at her side.
  9. Things return to normal... or do they?? (The balance of the West is irrevocably shifted.)
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