This article is about the relationship known as Mirroring. For other uses, see Mirror (disambiguation).

In the Otherfaith, Mirroring is a relationship between two entities intended to build personality and spiritual power. Entities (spirit-spirit, spirit-human, or human-human) are necessarily opposite in some way, lending their traits to their Mirror to better develop their self.

Mirrors can be assigned, such as by a spirit's caretaker, parent, Head of House, or Court Leader, or they can be chosen by the spirits themselves. Being someone's Mirror is not necessarily a permanent relationship. It may run its course, opening the spirits involved to pursuing other Mirrors.

It is common for spirits in opposite Courts or Orders to become Mirrors, as they are most likely to have opposite personality traits and strengths.

It is common for a spirit-human Partnership to also be a Mirror relationship. Concomitance is a possible outcome from a Mirror relationship, though if the Mirrored spirits have not properly worked together to strengthen each other it may easily become a negative Concomitance.

This relationship is called Mirroring because the entities involved begin mirroring each other's traits, and while in a Mirror relationship spirits will often fall into each other's life cycles.


Mirroring is used to strengthen individuals in the Otherfaith. It also helps individuals deal with conflict and develop communication skills, due to the nature of Mirrors being opposites in some fashion.

Especially for young spirits, Mirroring is intended to help them adjust to difficult situations and network with other entities. It can serve this function for Other People as well.


Mirroring is one of the most common relationships in the Otherfaith, and the Other People are likely to experience it if they do any sort of spirit work or interaction with spirits. It is a reciprocal relationship, in which its success relies on the contributions of both parties. Mirroring can help an Other Person work through faults or personality problems, and it strengthens one's abilities with spirit communication. It is important to note that a spirit should receive benefits from the relationship as well, not merely being a tool a Person uses to advance themselves.

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