Image of the blue-haired Mallory. Original photo by Sophia Charlotte.

Mallory is the daughter of Lyra and a spirit associated with the River Ophelia. Due to Mallory's inherently destructive nature she's known as "a calamity of the West."



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Mallory's relationship with her mother Lyra is unpleasant and strained. She is said to be the least liked of all Lyra's children and that Lyra shunned her at birth.

the Ophelia

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Mallory was born on the banks of the River Ophelia and returned to her waters after being violently rejected by denizens of the West. She remains in the Ophelia and waits for her chance to move in the world again.

Honoring Mallory

The following are suggestions of offerings to Mallory or actions that can be done in her honor.

  • Participate in cleanups in and around rivers; treat your local waterways with the same respect you would as Mallory's home.
  • Learn about the natural processes of death and decay in the world: the oxidization leading to rust, entropy, biological decay.
  • Sit in contemplation of Mallory's stories. Where is Mallory's touch felt in your life? Have you made your peace with her, or do you drive her back to sanctuary?


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