Lyra is a spirit connected to the Ophelia and known as the sire of Mallory.

In the myth Delight ~ Desire, Lyra is described as someone "who glowed like the night sky and ran like the wind in a storm." She is the leader of her own hunt comprised of both humans and fairies and her favorite prey to pursue is mortal men.


the Ophelia

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The myth Delight ~ Desire tells the story of Lyra's romance with the Ophelia. While leading her hunt, Lyra would leap across the River Ophelia each day and in doing so caught the god's attention. The two silently longed for each other from afar, feelings unspoken until the day Lyra misjudged her leap and fell into the River. The Ophelia saved her life and the two confessed their desires to each other; they have been lovers ever since.

the Dierne

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Lyra and the Dierne consistently fight over prey and/or lovers. They are both excellent with guns and marksmanship, and the two occasionally engage in competition. Lyra views the Dierne with some contempt, as the god treats marksmanship as a game and regularly interferes with her hunts.


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Lyra with her gear and bow. Image by Khriess Photography.

The relationship Lyra has with her daughter Mallory is strained to say the least. In the myth on Mallory's Birth, a boy slated as Lyra's prey was saved by the Dierne transforming him into stone. Out of rage at being deprived of her rightful quarry Lyra shot the petrified boy; the stone crumbled and out came Mallory. In Mallory, Last Calamity Mallory is named as "the least favored of all Lyra's children" and that having been born as a grown woman "any connection between the two snapped apart."

Honoring Lyra

The following are suggestions of offerings to Lyra or actions that can be done in her honor.

  • Spend time outdoors, particularly in forests or along rivers.
  • Learn survival skills and orienteering.
  • Hunt or fish, or support those who do in a respectful and sustainable manner.
  • Sit in contemplation with Lyra about the necessity of death to sustain life.
  • Take up archery or marksmanship.
  • Educate yourself about sustainability and conservation.
  • Participate in local river cleanups or donate to groups that prevent water pollution.
  • Know your local geography: what rivers, mountains, and forests are near you? What watershed are you in? What are the hunting seasons in your area?
  • Make offerings at nearby bodies of water, particularly rivers, or by burying them in nearby forests or wilderness.


Devotional Works

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