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the Liathane is the combined power of the Laetha and the Dierne and a god unto themself. They are the Eighth God and sometimes referred to by their number (Eight/8 or Eighth/8th) rather than name. Their role in the West varies; to some they are a challenger and destructive influence, to others an outsider to be placated or avoided, and to still others a savior figure taking in those discarded by the other gods. the Liathane is a god of horror and bringing our subconscious feelings and thoughts to life, whether they are fears, guilts, or hypocrisies.


It is currently unknown who lives in and presides over the Liathane's House, called House Havoc.


Achroma Court, also known as the Colorless Court, is the Liathane's Court. Its members and leader are unknown, though it is suggested their actions are primarily nocturnal.

Initiatory Order

the Liathane's Order is called Bedlam or Egress.[1]


the Liathane is a shape-shifter, utilizing an Other Person's fears to present themselves. They have been known to adopt the appearance of a giant white snake or centipede, as well as often appearing with an unsettling pale face. Whether an Other Person sees the Liathane or not, they may experience the sensation of being watched, being in danger, or paranoia to signify the Liathane's presence.


  • Storyteller
  • Liekeeper
  • Truthseeker
  • Pale One
  • Mysterious One
  • the Thousand Teeth
  • Bloody Eyed

Related Spirits

Nevander is the Liathane's seneschal and herald, responsible for enacting Eight's will in the world.†

Mallory, forsaken by other spirits, may have been taken in by the Liathane or a member of House Havoc.†

Eglantine, a new spirit currently being explored by the Other People, seems to possess a good deal of Liathanic energy.†


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