Halloween (October 31st) is one of the holy days in the Otherfaith. It is associated with the Dierne and Laethelia.


In the Otherfaith, Halloween is a celebration of all things scary and fun. The emphasis is on combining frightening experiences with enjoyable ones (though for some, being scared is fun). For this reason, the Dierne and Laethelia are connected to the day.

One of the Dierne's epithets is 'Fear' after all. the Laethelia is associated with candies and sweets, and being a joyful god she brings a lightness to this holiday.

Unlike in other religions, the Otherfaith does not consider Halloween to be a time when spirits can more easily travel into our world. (The Otherfaith spirits as seen as always close to our own, hence why we do not have 'thinned veil' holy days. They are always beside us, brushing against us and possibly causing disaster.) However, there are some spirits that are more active at this time. This includes:

Dressing up is encouraged on Halloween in the Otherfaith to both celebrate the joyful spirit and to protect from the Rabbit Troupe and Flower Maidens. The Rabbit Troupe and Flower Maidens are said to prowl the streets looking for victims, though any victims they take are said to wake up the next day as if nothing had happened.

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