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The Other People worship a group of deities called the Four Gods. They are new deities, meaning that they are not attested to in folklore or history. Technically, they are 'revealed' gods. Since they do not have a historical record, information about them comes from their worshipers. This is why personal experience and interaction is highly valued in the Otherfaith.

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An offering tray to all of the Four Gods.

The Four Gods are the Clarene, Ophelia, Laetha, Dierne, Laethelia, Ophelene, Darren, and Liathane. They are called the 'Four Gods' after the first four gods to reveal themselves (Clarene Ophelia Laetha Dierne). the Laethelia, Ophelene, Darren, and Liathane are syncretic deities. Because of the theology in the Otherfaith, it is always possible that new gods may be revealed or deified.

The gods' names are often (not always) preceded with ‘the’, implying that the name is also a title or that they are the supreme possessor of that name.

The most common pronouns used when referring to the Four Gods are 'she/her/hers', but a few gods are referred to with other pronouns. Each gods' gender is more deeply explored in their individual articles.

Order of Gods

Gods in the Otherfaith are ordered by when they were deified. Currently, there are eight gods beginning with the Clarene. The People do not worship the Clarene's mother, though her mother is implied to be a god.[citation needed] The order of the gods also affects the Litany of Four Gods.


Main Article: Clarene

The first god of the People. Her main role is as a protector of the Other People.


Main Article: Ophelia

The second god of the People, a deified water spirit. Her main role is as the queen of waters and time.


Main Article: Laetha

The third god of the People, a conglomeration of different spirits originating from a deified human. Her main role is as a challenger to the Other People.


Main Article: Dierne

The fourth god of the People, a deified star spirit. Her main role is as a queen of pleasure.


Main Article: Laethelia

The fifth god of the People, a syncretic deity formed from the Laetha and Ophelia. Her main role is as a mediator and healer.


Main Article: Ophelene

The sixth god of the People, a syncretic deity formed from the Ophelia and Clarene. Her main role is as a bringer of retribution.


Main Article: Darren

The seventh god of the People, a syncretic deity formed from the Clarene and Dierne. His main role is as peacekeeper and bringer of humility to the West.


Main Article: Liathane

The eighth god of the People, a syncretic deity formed from the Laetha and the Dierne. His main purpose is antagonistic toward the West, particularly the first quartet of the Four Gods.

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