The Founding of the West deals with the creation of the sacred otherworld in the Otherfaith known as The West, Westernlands, or Western Fairy/Faery. The myth cycle deals with creation, destruction, kingship, and matriarchal relationships.

Birth of Claire Clarice Clarene

Claire Clarice Clarene - an older name for the Clarene - is born to an unnamed faery queen. This takes place somewhere in fairyland, possibly 'deep within' fairyland. From birth she is mountainous and associated with tall, dark trees and forests. Her mother is equally tall but associated with sunlight and stars. Claire is the heir to her mother's kingdom. There is no paternal figure mentioned.

Marriage of Claire Clarice Clarene

As Claire comes into power, her mother decides against giving her throne to her daughter and instead chooses to marry her off. The queen invites a wide variety of fairies to vie for her daughter's hand.

In some stories Claire cuts off her hair and binds her body to appear as a man and enters the ball that way, wooing the women there. In other stories, she appears at her mother's side at her smaller throne. In all of them, however, she woos and/or chooses the feminine fairy Irene as her spouse.

Her mother becomes enraged that her daughter has subverted her plan when Claire chooses Irene. This leads to Claire leaving her home, usually aided by Irene's host of fairy spirits. In some stories, Claire's mother curses her to never become a queen and/or to never claim fairyland as her own. In other variations she takes away Clarie's ability to manipulate time.

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