A faery queen is a specific entity in the Otherfaith. There are said to be many faery queens ruling over their own lands.

Faery Queens

Clarene's Mother

the Clarene's mother is a faery queen. She gifted the Clarene with her three names - Claire Clarice Clarene - and declared that her daughter could only take her names during different stages of adulthood, restricting the last name to when the Princess was seated on a throne.

Her role in the Clarene's life is almost entirely confrontational. In the creation of the West, she holds a ball for the young Princess Claire, intending to marry her (sometimes for the purpose of keeping Claire from ever having her own throne). Claire decides that she is more interested in another princess that has attended the ball. Her mother rejects the princess and relationship outright, leading to Claire eventually running from home. Her mother curses her to never be able to be a queen, leading the Clarene to take on the title of King instead.

the Clarene's mother returns later on after the Clarene has established the West and her family of gods. She demands that the Clarene step down from her throne, since she had cursed her daughter to never wear a queen's crown. the Clarene points out that she is a King, thus able to take her final name, and that she has passed the title of queen to her own children. Her mother is outraged that she is 'diluting the family line', but as the Clarene is established as a ruler in her own right, with her own land, is unable to do anything.

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