Divergence (also called Diverging belief or Diverging headcanon) is a belief contrary to established canon that is held by a small portion of the Other People. Divergence is seen as a natural occurrence of religious growth, though the Otherfaith is too small to have many Diverging beliefs at this time. It is contrasted with Canon and related to headcanon.

It is not comparable to heresy, blasphemy, or sin. It can be considered a small schism in the Otherfaith.

Divergences may be resolved or incorporated into canon if one belief is found to be more accurate than the other or a Diverging belief is no longer held by any members of the faith.

Resolved Divergences

Silent Prayer

This Divergence was resolved in favor of
the challenging canon.

It was pre-established canon that prayers, to be heard by the gods and spirits, needed to be said aloud or written down. This canon was challenged and later overturned. Prayer, whether externally or internally made, is considered a valid way to pray to the gods.

Otherfaith Participation

This Divergence was resolved in favor of
opening the Otherfaith.

Participation in the Otherfaith and identification as an Other Person was once limited to those involved who worshiped all Four Gods and participated in the Otherfaith community. It was eventually decided this was too restrictive and the Otherfaith was opened more fully. Anyone who wishes to worship the Four Gods or contribute to the Otherfaith may worship our gods or identify as an Other Person. Participation in the Otherfaith is limited simply to those who are interested in our gods.

Edited 1/2015: As we form more structures and build our community, we are realizing there can be a good difference between those who worship or work with the Four Gods and those who practice the Otherfaith. The Otherfaith and Other People are growing into their own thing with their own practices and values and structures, and we will likely be establishing boundaries around the religion, not the gods.

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