The Otherfaith's devotional calendar is a work in progress as we learn more about the gods and our needs as a community. Several holy days are borrowed from secular and civic life in the United States such as New Year's Day, Labor Day, and Halloween. Other festivals mark specific mythological events important in the faith, such as the Apotheosis of the Dierne and Reunion.

New Year (January 1st)

Main Article: New Year

Valentine’s Day (February 14th)

Main Article: Valentine's Day

Birth of Althea Altair (April 8th)

Main Article: Birth of Althea Altair

Graduation/Summer Begins (Varied)

Main Article: ---

Community Day (July 1st)

Main Article: Community Day

Apotheosis of the Dierne (July 31st)

Main Article: Apotheosis of the Dierne

Labor Day (First Monday, September)

Main Article: Labor Day

Halloween (October 31st)

Main Article: Halloween

Community Day (November 30th)

Main Article: Community Day

Reunion (December 25th-December 31st)

Main Article: Reunion

Birth of Alynah Blake (December 25th)

Main Article: Birth of Alynah Blake
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