Dahlia is a daughter of the Clarene and the Ophelia,[citation needed] herself one of the [[::Category:Spirits#Greater Spirits|Greater Spirits]] of the Otherfaith. Dahlia is a joyful maritime spirit, born where the River Ophelia meets the ocean and is thus connected to the sea, shore, sailing, and all parts of the ocean's ecosystem.[citation needed] She is also connected with the Isle of Women, a land near but apart from the West. Dahlia usually takes female-identified lovers including the spirits Corliss and Grace.


In the myth Corliss & the Sea, Dahlia is described as having dark hair, "eyes the blue of sea and sky," and skin "the color of mountains meeting sandy shores." Dahlia is also known for her great beauty, having been "met with swooning and sighs and soft touches" after washing upon the shore as a fully-grown spirit.[1] She also is seen frequently accompanied by other women, whose romantic company she prefers almost exclusively.


the Clarene

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the Ophelia

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the Laethelia

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Honoring Dahlia

The following are suggestions of offerings to Dahlia or actions that can be done in her honor.

  • Visit the beach or aquariums, particularly in the summertime.
  • Know how your local waterways make it to the ocean.
  • Learn about ocean ecosystems and major weather patterns.



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