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The West, also known as the Westernlands, Faeryland, or Western Faery, is the home of the Four Gods of the Otherfaith and associated spirits. As a creation of the Clarene[1], she stands as the West's guardian and protects the land and its inhabitants.

The West is considered a sister world to our own. It is an otherworld or spiritual world, and in some cases it can be part of the afterlife landscape. It is seen as 'sideways' to our own world, and the West itself contains layers.[2]

The West is a land for mystics (and those others inclined) to travel to, interacting with the spirits and gods therein, and also a metaphor for the Other People's relationship to the rest of the world. It is also the landscape or setting of most of the myths, putting the gods in place so we can better understand their stories. Other People (with the except of mystics) do not need to journey to the West and can view it metaphorically, as long as the contributions from those who do interact with the otherworld are respected.

Some physical locations are said to be tied to the West, notably Seattle, Washington. Another place is Appalachia (which the Laetha Arabella is said to hail from), and another area is the Rockies and Southwestern United States. One does not need to go on spiritual journeys into the otherworld to understand the West or her energies. By seeking her connections in our own world, by keeping our eyes open, we may find her right beside us, her spirits always eager to reach out to us.

Sacred Geography

Places in the West that feature in the mythology of the Other People include:




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