All spirits in the Otherfaith are considered faeries by the Other People. Faeries are defined, in the Otherfaith, as liminal spirits connected to humanity as companions, antagonists, cousins, etc. Faeries are neither inherently beneficent or malevolent; their morals are different from humans'. The Otherfaith seeks to create a synthesis of faery and human ethics, goals, and communities.

Broad Types

Greater Spirits

Greater Spirits are most often the lovers or direct children of the gods. They are near-divine or semi-divine. Some are assigned duties by their gods if the god is occupied with other things. Greater Spirits also act as intercessory spirits for humans, reaching out to or blocking the gods as needed. 

Younger Spirits

Younger Spirits are characterized by their challenge to the Otherfaith, the West, and/or the Four Gods. They act as conflict points and often point out problems in establishment or society. They challenge humanity as well and can be seen as difficult spirits to interact with. They are often solitary spirits, occasionally appearing with a single companion spirit (compared to the larger Troupes).

Smaller Spirits

Smaller Spirits appear as children or toddlers. They are usually the most alien to humans. Their bodies are often comprised of a pure element or energy. They are dangerous to humans not due to malice but because of the potency of their energies, which can override or destroy human systems. They are largely given free reign in the West and are not bound to any god.


Aletheia Androids

Main Article: Aletheia

A group of 100 androids originally modeled after the Laetha Arabella. The first five androids were created wholecloth by the Clarene and notable for their extreme violence. The rest of the androids were other spirits who had their minds transferred into the android's body.

Alice Androids

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A group of 100 androids made to counter and balance the Aletheias. Their violence is directed to their partnered (in number) Aletheia. They are able to negate any magical powers their Aletheia has. They are also defenders of the Other People and their spirits.

Book Keepers

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Librarians of the West. Highly specialized and detail-driven, they organize libraries and often keep away from other spirits and the wider otherworld landscape.


Main Article: Centries

Centaurs that help defend the West from violation and destruction. They are commonly giants as well. Though they are defenders and protectors, they are less violent than spirits such as the Flower Maidens. Centries are tied to the Clarene and Ophelene.

Flower Maidens

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A group of spirits tied to the Dierne. They are a roving band that often sweeps the streets, leaving blood and blossoms behind. They are made of flowers themselves, likely being flora faeries, though they may initiate women into their group (usually through violent methods such as tearing out hearts or tearing off limbs and replacing them with flowers).

Rabbit Troupe

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The troupe run by Alynah Blake. The spirits are known for their bloody revelries, and they are known as the 'rabbits' due to the rabbit masks they wear. Their preferred weapons are bats and mallets.

Verzsou Triad

Main Article: Verzsou Triad

The three spirits Aster Aira, Neve Winter, and Casimir. They are considered gods by some spirits, mostly those inhabiting North-South, but are semi-divine spirits to the majority of the residents of the West and Otherfaith.

Specific Types


Among the spirits tied to science (tied with Cyborg, Engineer, Mathematician, and Programmer). Spirits that are actually robot AI with human appearance. Android spirits often have improved abilities, such as super speed or strength, and some are employed as guardians or body guards. They can be programmed and reprogrammed for various purposes, though due to the magic imbued to make them live they can sometimes work around their programming if they desire. 


Among the spirits tied to science (tied with Android, Engineer, Mathematician, and Programmer). An incredibly common spirit in the Otherfaith. Most spirits have some form of biomechanical addition, the most common ones replacing lost limbs or injured body parts. Cyborg spirits often fall into another category, with very few being just cyborg spirits. Some android spirits may be better classified as cyborgs due to their biological components; spirits are classified based on their 'base', however, meaning that cyborgs were originally biological/pure faery/pure human and androids were originally pure machines.


Among the spirits tied to science (tied with Android, Cyborg, Mathematician, and Programmer). Engineering spirits build the structures and machines the gods and spirits of the Otherfaith use, and they oversee human engineering as well. They are both designers and actual constructors of machines. They also create new magic and energy systems.


These spirits are made of either flames or lava. Most are connected to the Laetha, though some are born from or tied to the Clarene due to her earthy connections. They have a tendency to turn into flames/lava when angered or distressed, often burning what is around them. They also have the ability to bend fire to their will. 


Giant spirits are typically masculine spirits. They are physically imposing and strong, though they are also characterized by gentle or submissive personalities. They are normally associated with earth or stone and tend to worship the Clarene or Ophelene.


Often also giant spirits. Guardian spirits can be any other sort of spirit. They watch over and defend an individual or group of spirits, usually from other spirits that have ill will. Guardian spirits may develop rivalries with other guardian spirits or may develop a nemesis-type relationship with spirits they help defend against. They are often able to go against the Four Gods, intervening as needed.


Temperamental, these spirits often accompany others. They can combine their energy with other spirits to create storms. Smaller Spirits are made up in a large part of lightning and electricity spirits. These spirits also help run many devices in the West.


Among the spirits tied to science (tied with Android, Cyborg, Engineer, and Programmer). Predominately femme spirits, a good deal come from the Island of Women. Mathematician spirits study any range of mathematics and typically deal with the purely theoretical, though some become Engineers. They often assist the Clarene in keeping track of the functioning of the West.


Similar to giants, mountain spirits are large and grounded forces. They can be slow to action. They are memory-banks and energy homes, and they often adopt a good number of spirits to nurture.


Can also be any other type of spirit. Programmer spirits are most often tied to the Laetha in some way. These spirits help program all kinds of technology and magic used by the gods and spirits of the West. Because of the hybrid magic-technology that is used, they are not directly comparable to human programmers but can be considered patrons of those who do such work.


Sometimes desert spirits, though just as likely to be sand spirits of the sea or ocean. Noted for very 'dry' energy.


Also called 'ice' spirits. Normally children of the Ophelia or Dierne. These spirits are usually pale and dark-haired, with their skin sometimes 'icing' over. Snow spirits are rarer than other types of spirits in the Otherfaith, and they are seen as good leaders.


Created from the Dierne's star energy, which is said to be strewn throughout the West. Many of these spirits burst into life spontaneously. The majority of them join White Court/Delicacy. They often take humanoid form but are seen as dangerous for humans to be around, often treating people as toys or experiments. The goal of Delicacy is to unite both human and star spirits, to better understand each other and build empathy.


Usually some combination of wind, water, snow, and lightning energies. Chaotic, wild spirits, often tied to forests or mountain regions, they are associated mostly with the Dierne. They seem to be impartial spirits, not associated with revenge or justice but the simple acts of nature.


One of two 'medical' spirits, along with therapist spirits. Surgeons often give spirits new energetic bodies or repair damaged ones. Due to the large amount of cyborgs and androids, surgeon spirits are able to work on machines as well. Surgeons are usually tied to the Clarene, possibly due to her body-creation abilities.


One of two 'medical' spirits, along with surgeon spirits. Many therapist spirits that are seen in the myths are android or robotic spirits that are tied to the Ophelia. They are impartial listeners, mostly functioning as stable fixed points for other spirits or entities going through trauma.


Most often children of the Ophelia or Laethelia. Fresh water spirits have a tendency toward gloominess. Ocean spirits vary between bright joyful colors and personalities or monstrous apperances, depending on whether they originated from closer to the shore or deeper in the ocean. Their ability to manipulate water is limited to the type of water they come from


Mostly children of the Dierne. Wind spirits are characterized by fierce emotions, especially arrogance and a tendency toward hedonism. Their wind abilities can be as simply as breezes and gusts to full on tornados. Working with other elemental spirits can cause all manner of disasters, especially when wind spirits combine their powers with fire.

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