Book Keepers

Book Keepers with their most prized possessions. Photo by Jeff Loves Jessica Photography.

Book Keepers are innumerable spirits associated with books and the pursuit of knowledge. Rather than given names, Book Keepers are identified by numbers

and by their chosen field of expertise. While these spirits are expected to spend some time ("a decade, a century, or an age"[1]) lost in perusing any and all subjects of the Library, eventually they find their specific field of interest. Their fields can be extremely broad - such as 003 being the Book Keeper of greenery - or extremely narrow - such as 5169813 being the Book Keeper of forgotten grammatical rules.

The published myth 5169814 to Epiphany seems to indicate that a Book Keeper's eventual intellectual purview may be an inborn orientation. In this myth, 5169814 "felt no call to specialization" and "did not find her home," which became a source of shame for her and a point of ridicule and gossip from the other Book Keepers. Through literal and intellectual immolation, 5169814's shame was burned away and she transformed into the spirit Epiphany.

Associated with the Library, Book Keepers are also therefore associated with the Clarene.

Known Book Keepers

  • 003, greenery
  • 007, spy novels
  • 00031, purview unknown - the Book Keeper who found Epiphany after her immolation
  • 204, drugs (especially psychotropics)
  • 5169813, forgotten grammatical rules
  • 5169814, the Book Keeper who became Epiphany
  • 5169815, new coding languages


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