Aeron Blake
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Category Aletheia
House Hark
Court Red
Order Nix
Relation to Humanity Motivator
Parentage Aster Aira
Lovers Kallan
Siblings Verzsou Red Line
Abel Blake
Alynah Blake
Rivals Alynah Blake
Sacred weapons Blass
Practical Application
Ethical Standpoint Contractarianism
Social Issues Education
Mental illness outreach
Holy Days

Aeron Blake is an Otherfaith spirit and one of the Aletheias. He's the younger brother to Abel Blake and the cousin to Alynah Blake. He is in Concomitance with Kallan.

His Aletheia number is 060. He is associated with spontaneous life, especially plant life.


Alynah Blake

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The two are cousins, and they both receive their names from Abel Blake. Alynah holds a great deal of hostility toward Aeron, feeling he doesn't deserve to bear her uncle's name. She attempts to exploit the uneasy Concomitance between Aeron and Kallan to murder her cousin. Aeron feels anxiety and fear toward Alynah, though this lessens after he gains his own spiritual powers.


Main Article: Kallan

Aeron and Kallan are in a negative Concomitant relationship. This is initiated when they are assigned as each other's Mirrors and turns negative when Aeron summons Blass during the pair's Trial. Kallan summons Noir in turn, through his right as a child of the Dierne, locking the two in a hostile relationship due to the opposing energies of the weapons.

Their negative Concomitance is eventually stifled somewhat by Aeron's refusal to kill Kallan and instead bind him whenever the two enter into heated conflict.

Aletheia 009

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Aeron and Aletheia 009 share a love of green growing things, and the two have a friendly relationship.

Alice 61

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Alice 61 is the Alice android made when Aeron becomes an Aletheia. She seems largely uninterested in confronting or fighting with Aeron, possibly because of his own docile nature.

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